The Much Honoured
Alasdair Forsythe,
Baron of Blackness

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I also previously wrote a book titled 'The Book of Aquarius', which I later removed from sale due to inaccuracies. It did, however, reach #116 on bestsellers for all books.


The music I have produced is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, and elsewhere.

Human Music consists of four albums of ambient music: Human Music (Original), Human Music (Deluxe), Human Music (Instrumental) and Human Music (Eerie). This was an experiment to see how minimalist music can be whilst still being music.

A few years back I produced three electro-swing albums under the name Caar Lemar.


The Barony of Blackness was owned in the 1600s by the Wedderburn family, whom today hold the Earldom of Dundee. The Barony of Blackness was sold by the Wedderburns at auction in 1742 to their friend Alexander Hunter. It then passed to his son David Hunter (1743-1809), and to his, another Alexander Hunter (1770-1812), and again to another David Hunter (1803-1882).

A Crown Charter officially recognizing the Barony of Blackness was granted in favor of David Hunter, signed on 2nd of June and sealed on 11th of August, 1826. Unsurprisingly, David Hunter names his first son Alexander, and who then names his first son David, bringing us up to 1940.

On the 8th of January 1940, the trustees for David Hunter transfer his assets, including the Barony of Blackness, to Blackness Estates Limited. On 1st of May 1964, Blackness Estates Limited is liquidated due to voluntary bankruptcy and the Barony of Blackness is sold to Eagle Star Insurance Company. Eagle Star Insurance Company later becomes Zurich Assurance Limited, and on 29th January 2019 the Barony of Blackness is acquired by Alasdair Forsythe.

In case you were wondering why an insurance company would buy a title of nobility, it's because up until the year 2000, a Baron, whether an individual or a company, was able to collect 'feu' duty from certain activities, such as the operation of utility companies within the jurisdiction of the Barony. This made the title an attractive investment for an insurance company, which I suppose is already in the business of collecting regular payments for not doing anything, anyway.

The Barony of Blackness was authenticated by Coulters Legal LLP (Edinburgh) and Thorntons Law LLP (Perth), registered in the Scottish Barony Register on 25th of February 2019 (SBR/2019/01), and is listed in Burke's Peerage. The Barony of Blackness is currently held by Alasdair Forsythe.


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